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Ring Holder – Popular Designs You may Love

Ring Holder – Popular Designs You may Love

Ring holder is a finishing touch of a beautiful ring. It seems incomplete to buy ring without ring holder. Not only the wedding ring that needs ring holder wedding ceremony, put your other valuable rings on the ring holder which has a special design. Discover the beautiful and attractive designs in several sites. The following are some of the popular design from some brands in the site.

4 Popular Ring Holder Designs

The first is Lenox® Adorn Crystal ring holder. This holder has a simple and transparent design like a crystal. It is suitable to be a part of bedroom decoration. Not only in a bedroom, other places like the kitchen and bathroom are allowed. This can prevent the ring from lost when you do wash or take a shower. It costs $19.99. Next, it has Umbra® Initial “B” Ring Holder with $7.99. The material is zinc which is very suitable to be a gift with other initial choices such as D, H, R, and T. Besides it looks decorative, the holder must be a safe place to store the ring.

Betsey Johnson® “Hi-Shine” Hand Ring Holder Jewelry is another style of ring holder. It is priced at $14.99. Its design forms a finger with a peace sign to put the rings and jewelry. It is made from porcelain. There is also Oleg Cassini Crystal Diamond Ring Holder in $14.99. It has a luxurious design, this item will be perfect in the luxurious vanity as the last popular ring holder

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