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Jewelry Box: Must Have Items to Purchase

Jewelry Box: Must Have Items to Purchase

Jewelry box is one kind of storage that must be owned by women, especially for accessories lovers. Because you crazily collect a variety of accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and others, then you will need the new gorgeous storage for storing all jewelries neatly. Find your favorite jewelry boxes Walmart as in the following.

Purchasing Jewelry Box at Walmart

The low price becomes the strength of Black Leather jewelry box and Lock by Sorbus. It costs $50.53. It is not just a cheap item but has an elegant design with 24 compartment feature that makes the owners flexibility in storing her collection with composite wood as the material. Mele Designs Vivian Wooden Jewelry Box with cherry finish is the next product. It is priced at $77.58. With hourglass silhouette, this item will fit the classic concept in the bedroom.

There is also Mele Designs Kennedy in Java Finish which prices $55.27. Still from the same brand, Mele, this jewelry box looks good with Silken Java finish. It features dual necklace doors, open drawer, and mirror to complete its perfect look. If you want something different, think outside the jewelry box by using the wall as your jewelry box. Make the built in storage completed with mirror and compartment like you will not see the jewelry box.

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