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Cheerful Dorm Decorating Ideas

Cheerful Dorm Decorating Ideas

Moving in to college dorm sometimes can be stressful for freshmen, especially when they have to admit the fact that they live in a way smaller room than the room in their house from now on. Thus, if you’re a new freshman, try to think of creative dorm decorating ideas to design your dorm to be more like home.

If you try to do something with the existing design of your dorm which is plain boring, look up to the rules and regulation first. Some dorms may have strict rules in mounting pictures and painting the walls. Discuss with your roommate what both of you’re going to do before decorating your room. As a starter, unpack your belongings and place them in the chosen spots. Don’t place your belongings too crowded. Think about how do you want your dorm appear? Is it trendy, classic, or girly? You choose! If you prefer to have a girly room, pick a pretty, cheerful-looking rug to add color in your room. The rug can create a joyful atmosphere in the room. Find a pattern you like for your bed sheet that won’t grow out in few months. Buy cool throw pillows to be placed in your chairs, and set them across your bed to create warmth in your room.

Decorate your wall with your photographs, sticky notes, small world map or other cute things you’d like to stick on.

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