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Amazing Trick for Small Living Room Ideas

Amazing Trick for Small Living Room Ideas

Minimalist house concept becomes so well-known for its simplicity. Somehow, we still find it difficult to cope with the limited space decoration, especially for the living room. This guest welcoming area plays so important role as the front side of a house, in which it in needs of spacious furnishing such as sofa and coffee table. If you are in that condition, read the following trick for small living room ideas to disguise its narrow feeling.

The first trick will go with the option of taking bright color schemed living room. Yes, these living room ideas are the very basic rules if you want to add any larger feeling upon the house. The wall, floor, or furniture should be in white or light grey tone colored. This living room trick will bounce the light, so it creates a wider illusion inside it. To avoid monotonous feeling, it is recommended to combine some bright colors too, but still consistent on light tone.

The next small living room ideas are about the functions of reflections or mirror. This very traditional trick is still used to create boundless visions at your small living room. You can leave the conventional way by hanging big mirror on the wall. Recently, there are so many mirrored high-shine furnishings to help this living room trick works well, such as mirrored coffee table, polished steel lighting, and also dazzling pendant.

The limited area forces you to be very carefully in utilizing them. To save more photos collections or decorative miniature, you might use every bit of living room space as wall storage. So, the next small living room ideas are tailoring floating shelves to make those stuffs organized. The shape of the floating shelves that look like a library ladder will also ease the space constraints. Do you want to try it?

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